GM toxic soy is not ‘responsible’


Genetically modified (GM) soy, designed to be sprayed with huge (and increasing) amounts of chemicals is labeled ‘responsible’. This misleading label was introduced by the Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS) in 2011. Every year th EU imports some 34 million tons of soy, mainly to feed the animal industry and partly to fuel cars. The soy production is very harmfull to people and the environment. This site explains what is wrong with ‘responsible soy’.

The Dutch government is sponsoring the RTRS through the Initiative Sustainable Trade and the NGO Solidaridad. WWF initiated the RTRS, while claiming to be opposed to genetically modifed crops. This site reveals what most members of these organisations probably do not know.

Protest against the fake label is growing. Hundreds of organisations protested against the RTRS. Monsanto and the RTRS received the Angry Mermaid Award for worst climate lobbying in Copenhagen december 2009. Ten thousend protested to the Dutch government for its financial support. Organisations are asking supermarkets: don’t buy the lie of ‘responsible soy’ and don’t sell it to us. Some 30.000 individuals sent an email to supermarkets all over Europe. These actions have shown the retailers and politicians that ‘responsible soy’ is greenwash, not a solution.

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